Importance of Meta tags for seo

17 Jan

When designing a website meta tags like title tag, heading, sub headings, h1, h2, h3 tags hold lot of importance for search engines. Spiders of search engines crawl web pages and the title and heading tags mean a lot for these search engines. It is therefore important to use proper targeted keywords related to your website in these meta tags to let search engines know what your website is all about.

On page optimization is very crucial factor for website ranking. Always make sure to write good original and informative content on website that is meaningful and valuable to readers. It is also a good practice to optimize images for website and give importance to proper usage of alt tags as the search engine spiders read the content in alt tabs. It is important to use meta tags according to each individual page of website and avoid using same meta tags through out the website.


Why you need a website for business?

28 Jul

After being associated with several clients for many years i have found that more and more number of people are eager to start their own business and quit their daily jobs. There is an ever growing number of entrepreneurs who are willing take the risk and start their own ventures.

We all know that today in order to be successful in business we can’t ignore the role of internet. Today most of the leads and conversions come from internet. Therefore it very important for any new business to have its online presence. A website is one such important tool which can give a major fillip to your business. You can get a website designed by professional company or hire an expert who will do it for you.

Once your website is designed and complete it is important that you get it promoted on search engines to get traffic and leads for your business.

A website is essential for your whether your are an artist. professional, a start up business, or an established firm. 

Current trends in website designing

20 Mar

Website designing like any other field of work has evolved over the years. From the times when the website used to be just text based in 1990’s to responsive web designs in 2014. A lot has changed. Now the focus is not just on users with personal computers and laptops but on users with mobile phones, smart phones, i-pads too.

Today the reach of internet to these handheld devices contributes to major website traffic so now more and more companies are adapting responsive web layouts which are user friendly.

Our latest web design work

18 Mar

A glimpse of some of the work done by us in the year 2013-2104. We have designed websites for travel companies, real estate consultants, counsels and service providers.




Importance of Contact Page on website

3 Mar

With the growing influence of internet in our daily lives it has become most important to have a web presence. And there is no better way to do it to have your website. A website has many important internal pages like the home page, about us page, product page and so on. But today we are going to talk about the most important page of your website which is the contact page.

A contact page of website is the most crucial page of website for your website visitors. This page has your contact address, office address, branch address if any, contact person names, their email ids and contact numbers. Often when a  user visits your website he will directly go to you contact page to get in touch with you. For designing a good contact page you can hire me i am a freelance web designer in delhi with good knowledge of html, php and asp. I design contact pages that generate good response from users.

Now a days it is good to include a google map on your contact page as it makes easy for people to locate your address. It is also a good practice to highlight your phone number and email id on the contact page. You can make your page more interactive by including a contact form. This is free tool for your visitors to post their queries on your website.

Online shopping is the future

12 Jan

There was a time when the only way you could shop was by physically going to a market or shopping mall to buy your desired item. You have to take your vehicle get petrol tank filled and spend hours in traffic to buy things you want. No body could have imagined that one day things will be available to us right on our doorstep without going any where by using shopping websites and e-commerce websites. More and more people are now taking online shopping as the alternative to traditional shopping. We receive lots of queries at our website about setting up an online store or e-commerce website. The ease of starting your own business without paying for the shop or stocking up items in a commercial go-down has suddenly given chance to many budding entrepreneurs to start their own online store and compete with the big market players without spending a fortune.

More and more people are now opening up to online shopping, they don’t think too much now when placing an order online. Fast delivery and plenty of options and comfort of shopping at your home or office with the advantage of lower prices on online stores is a major factor why online shopping is becoming popular.

Big players like amazon, ebay, flipkart are a big hit among internet users for web shopping.


How to get you website noticed?

9 Dec

When you have a website your goal should not be just to put it on the world wide web but you should also be able to get your website to your target niche and audience. Most people in eagerness want their websites to be on the web but don’t pay any attention to its promotion. My friend Abhishek, check his website is an experienced seo expert in delhi who has done search engine promotion for a number of clients with great success rate.

For many people websites remain a showpiece but they don’t know the power it possesses as the most efficient marketing tool.It is only when a website is promoted efficiently it reaches its true potential to give you the kind of benefits you want. There are many methods by which an seo expert can push your website to top position in search engine. Give your website a chance to get noticed with effective seo.