Skill sets-Freelance website designer in delhi

15 Feb

I am a professional website designer and luckily i possess some of the skills which have helped me improve my confidence level and apply it to my work. I know the following softwares:

  • Adobe Photoshop: I learned this image editing software at my web designing institute and sharpened my skills on it professionally on my first job. It is the best image editing tool and a must for website designers as all your website layouts are designed on this software. This is the most important software that has helped me launch myself as a graphic designer and freelance website designer in delhi. I can use my creativity to maximum with this software and this is what actually got me interested into web designing.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver: This is my favorite software converting my psd designs to html.
  • Adobe Flash: This software is most special for me as i always loved animation. I can literally add wings to my imagination with this wonderful software.
  • Corel Draw: Initially i started as a website designer but after leaving my firs job very early i decided to try my hands at printing. Colorful and flashy visiting card fascinated me and i have to learn corel draw all by myself through hit and trial as most of the printng work is done on corel draw.

I will cover more skills on my next post.


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