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How to add music in flash

21 Oct

Flash is a very interesting software and makes a website more attractive as well as interactive. If you want to add some cool music to your flash animation just follow the instructions.

Given below are tips by freelance website designer in delhi for creating flash animation with sound

  • Here i am assuming that you have already created your desired flash animation
  • Go to websites like flashkit or search for any other website which provide free sound loop.
  • Select the sound from the variety of sound loops that best fits your requirement.
  • save the mp3 or wave file to your pc
  • Now open your existing flash animation
  • Create new layer on the scene or movie clip having your animation
  • Import the mp3 or wav file you just saved on the new layer
  • You will see a blue wave on the selected layer
  • You can click on sound properties to create stream, continuous loop etc
  • Test the movie with sound



How to create sliding effect in flash

14 Oct

In this post i am going to discuss about how to create sliding animation in flash. Slides are easy to create and as freelance website designer in delhi i have used slides in websites.

  • First open a new document in flash
  • select first frame and import an image which fits into the document window
  • on the same layer select frame 20 and insert keyframe
  • Now select the layer and give the command create motion tween
  • Go back to first frame and move the image with mouse towards right
  • Now press enter to see if your image moved form right to left
  • Adjust the position of the image in the first frame accordingly to get the desired animation
  • Now repeat the same step with new image on new layer but take frame 20 as the first keyframe and frame 40 as second keyframe
  • Repeat the steps used for creating sliding animation for first image.
  • Add as many slides as you want by repeating the above steps with new images on new layers.